Michael Jackson and Friends June 1999 – a mystery!

Michael Jackson and Friends “What more can I give” was a great show performed by Michael Jackson (and funnily enough – his “frriends! 🙂 in June 1999. I was in Munich for the show on the 27th June (the other concert in the set was in South Korea). You can see some pictures and read a bit more about it in the concert(s) article here.

This was a very eventful, fun couple of days and the concert was great. Any of the Michael Jackson crew or even the fans will tell you that at an event like this you don’t get a lot of sleep, you are very excited and get to meet lot’s of interesting fun people. I was with a dancer friend when I wasn’t with my brother promoting the show with him and we managed to meet all the stars, annoy Luther Vandross and forget the name of our hotel! We didn’t sleep for two days.

There are a couple of things which I am forgetting or cannot get a conclusive answer to, and that is the question of A.R. Rahman. He was at the concert in 1999 in Munich. He talks about it in this interview and how he didn’t get to meet Michael afterwards because of the incident (which we will come to in a moment) “He has a mishap on that concert so I couldn’t meet him (Michael Jackson) after … so after 10 years …” (2 min point)

My question is this:

I am convinced (about 2 thirds anyway) that Michael Jackson came back on to the stage after “You are not alone” and introduced A.R Rahman as his “favourite artist ever” or “best artist in the world” … or something like that. Did he? The problem was that three quarters of the stadium had left thinking that that was that!

I am not 100% so I have asked other people who were there. I have also asked super fans who were there. Nobody has an answer either way!

Now … Michael did come out and introduce Andrea Bocelli earlier in the show, and I am sure he said wonderful similar things so maybe that is what is in my mind but I remember clearly thinking and speaking about going on stage after MJ: You have to be brave, especially when it’s nearly 1am and hardly anybody knows who you are.

I have seen no video after “You are not alone” of this concert, although this was not, technically the end of the concert – it was just the end of Michael’s show and I see no pictures of A.R Rahman at the show – although as confirmed by the video above – he was there. (I remember a guy sitting down in the centre with instruments all around him)

So the question is, after the explosives incident where Michael injured himself and was rushed to hospital, did he announce A.R Rahman back on to the stage, but none of us noticed because we were on out way. I am 2 thirds convinced that it’s yes and I am quite sure that I saw him from the grassy banking next to the Olympic Stadium on the way back to the hotel.

This was definitely a weird ending to a show, not only because of Michael’s accident but because of the fact that Michael arrived so late that half the stadium had literally gone home before the start of Earth Song. Compare this to say “boyzone” who performed earlier to a capacity stadium. Even after “Earth Song” – many hundreds left thinking that THAT was the end of the show.

Did Michael Jackson come back on stage after “You are not alone” or go IMMEDIATELY to hospital?

Did A.R. Rahman even perform and is there any pics or footage online?

Zero evidence that I can see online – maybe I am growing old! 🙂

By Anthony King (c)

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