Michael Jackson and NSYNC

Michael Jackson performed with NSYNC or members of the group, live on stage on 4 occasions. He also created a song in which they participated. If you think about it, Michael Jackson didn’t perform with that many people on stage, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, James Brown … and a couple of others. He certainly didn’t perform with many groups, so to perform with NSYNC and Justin Timerlake on 4 occasions is quite a lot! We also have some other Michael Jackson and NSYNC links which we will take a look at.

Michael Jackson and NSYNC performing POP at the 2001 VMA’s

On the 6th September 2001, Michael Jackson joined NSYNC on stage as a guest performer, at the MTV VMA awards.

NSYNC performed the song “POP” and at the end of the song a giant “etch a sketch” came down with the outline of Michael, and from behind the contraption appeared the King of Pop, which is appropriate as they were performing “Pop”!

Michael was wearing a white T-shirt, brown leather jacket and black trousers with (no white socks!) and performed a few moves and then sat down whilst the group gave him a refreshing drink to hold.

The audeience, which included, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and P.Diddy went absolutely crazy when Michael appeared on stage with his side slides and robotics!

I remember thinking at the time that something was wrong with Michael. Even though the moves were fine, as always, there was something wrong and the performance … like he was ill, and this would go on to his other shows a couple of days later, in my opinion. Just like “This is it” though … Michael at 5% is more than most other artists at 200%!

Dancing Machine with NSYNC at the 30th Anniversary celebration concerts

Michael Jackson returned the favour a few days later by introducing NSYNC to join him on stage for his classic Jackson’s track “Dancing Machine”.

Michael Jackson performed this song twice with NSYNC, once on the 7th September (the day after the VMA’s) and then on the Monday, on September 10th 2001 (The day before the world trade centre attacks).

A short song, less than 2 minutes long, Michael just out shined the lot of them (a great performance by Jermaine though!). With no disrespect for NSYNC, because I think they made some good music before – I just turn it off once they come on because it doesn’t feel right and it doesn’t sound very good to my ears. In fact you have 4 backing singers, 5 Jacksons and 5 NSYNC members singing a song with little rehearsal – too much for my ears. Again though … Michael can just stand on stage and be amazing.

United we stand – Justin Timberlake, NSYNC and What more can I give

Members of NSYNC joined him again on stage when Michael Jackson performed at a benefit concert in Washington DC on October 21st called “United we stand” for the victims of the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York. He was also joined by various artists, including, Mariah Carey, Anastasia, Usher and lot’s of massive stars.

You can read more about that here

Justin Timberlake and his fellow group members participated in the original recording of “What more can I give” with Michael.

NSYNC’s choreographer Wade J Robson and Michael Jackson

You might not know this but NSYNC’s choreographer, Wade J Robson was actually a friend of Michael’s and danced on stage with him during the bad tour, featured in “Jam” (as well as “Black or White” and “Heal the world”). Michael was a big influence on him and you could obviously see the influence and stamp of Michael Jackson through out NSYNC.

A lucky group who got to perform with Michael more than most!

By Anthony King (c)

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