Michael Jackson History Tour Munich COMMENTARY: Jackson Five Medley! Part 7

Welcome Michael Jackson fans! I’m back! Today we’re going to continue our audio commentary of Michael Jackson’s History tour in Munich, 1997 with “I want you back”, “The love you save” and “I’ll be there” also known as “The Jackson 5 medley”. You can listen to the commentary by clicking on the video above, but before you do, let me tell you the best way to experience this commentary:

Step 1

If you have the footage at home, then you can just press play when I give the cue in the above video, at the exact moment. The cue is when Michael say’s the words: “The old fashion way!”. At this point you want to press play on my commentary so that we are synchronised.

Step 2

If you havn’t got the footage at home, don’t worry you can watch and play the footage here (3 minute point approx is the start point):

Step 3

Once you have both my video and the concert ready to go, you should turn my video’s volume up to maximum and the concerts audio level to around 50%. This way you will hear my commentary clearly as well as the performance!

The Jackson Five medley performance

Jackson 5 medleyMichael performed this medley and songs on all of his live tours. They were always sang and performed completely live and they were definitely crowd favourites. I go into detail in the commentary but it’s interesting to note the slowing down of tempo over the years and the lowering of Key to accommodate Michael’s changing voice. In this performance his voice was particularly weak but we’ll take a closer look when you press play. Hope you enjoy and see you soon for next one which is the classic – BILLIE JEAN!

By Anthony King (c)

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