Michael Jackson History Tour Munich COMMENTARY: Smooth Criminal Part 5

Welcome Michael Jackson fans! It’s a real classic today! Today I am continuing my audio commentary of Michael Jackson’s History tour in Munich. Today we are focusing on the song “Smooth Criminal” and it’s instalment 5 of the series.

Commentary Instructions

Smooth Criminal Munich LiveYou should have my commentary on full volume and have the song set up to place just before Michael appears from underneath the stage with his machine gun for the start of the song (just before the sheet releases upon the stage)

You should put the volume of the concert at around 50%, so you can hear both.

Alternatively, you can play your own version along at home. In case you havn’t got it at home, it’s below (start 3 seconds):

Smooth Criminal – The Performance

Here is a summary of a few of the points raised in the above audio commentary:

1) Clear Kabuki drop. Darkness of the sky ensured a perfect view of Michael

2) See 1920’s theme, like they’re watching a gigantic television. Odd choice of chairs and table. Look like plastic chairs and tables rather than art deco style.

3) Musically, great bass, very guitar based version and musical hits on the History tour. Previous tours included guitar hits instead.

4) Chris Judds legs were apart and we had a malfunction during the lean. Dancer got hooked on the lean mechanism.

5) Reduction in dancers to two, for the start of the song, very unfortunate as it had a big affect!

6) Costume design is clear to see, for ease of movement and speed of dressing

7) You can see the lean floor mechanism and glow in the dark indicators.

8) Walking through the motions, type of performance

9) Almost not miming!

10) Michael didn’t cut off his dancer like he usually does towards the end of the song. The dancer has to change his choreography every time to anticipate Michael’s next move

11) “Dance” before lean is poor

12) Circle moonwalk a different speeds

13) Notice that the smoke machines are on – very subtle affect

14) Different synthesiser sound towards the end of the song, compared to say, Brunei and original “moonwalker” version

15) plus lot’s more! 🙂

By Anthony King (c)

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