Michael Jackson History Tour Munich Sat 1 Broadcast: Mystery Solved! (Audio)

Today I put to rest the confusion with regards to the original Sat 1 Michael Jackson History Tour in Munich “live” broadcast!

Wanna be Munich Michael Jackson

Today I put to rest the confusion with regards to the original Sat 1 Michael Jackson History Tour in Munich “live” broadcast!

Click play in the video above to get the full exclusive Michael Jackson analysis.

Today’s video includes lot’s of interesting things from the show, from what time the sun set, so that we can determine the exact start time to:

Scream to part of Stranger in Moscow 100% from broadcast 4th July show. Of note: Back light

Smooth Criminal – 6th July, no lean mistake – very similar though

Justin, front row fan at both shows, wearing a black top for “Stranger in Moscow” and a different white top for “Earth song”.

You are not alone – 6th

I want you back speech of note!

Parts of Dangerous look like 4th but there are parts definitely not – we look deeper

Original “live” broadcast has commercials.

Many rebroadcasts – SAT ONE IS ORIGINAL

The one with the world logo is the original

Broadcast as part of Michael Jackson day! Sat one special + Ghosts after the show

and much more!

By Anthony King (c)

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