Michael Jackson HIStory tour rehearsal rare footage

Michael Jackson rare History tour footage

A rare video of footage from the initial production stages of the History tour have been released on youtube. The tour was Michael’s most televised and recorded with various behind the scenes documentaries and lot’s of program features with sneak peaks behind the scenes.

This footage looks like it was made to be part of a full documentary like the German Blitz special but was obviously never used.

We see the creation of parts from “The don’t care about us” and Michael using the hydraulic platform at the back of the stage for the first time, as well as extensive rehearsal of the space rocket entrance prop.

Also included in the footage is Earth Song, Don’t stop and parts of Beat it and other footage – quite a rare find!

Michael Jackson’s History World Tour was his final world tour and a very well rounded production. It was also his largest tour to date. He performed to over 4.5 million fans, grossing over $164 million spanning over 82 concerts from Europe, The far east, Africa, Australia and over to the United States.

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