Michael Jackson singing on the Dangerous Tour – Conclusion!

Michael Jackson vocals on the Dangerous tour … we’ve already looked at “Jam” in our introduction in part 1a .

Yesterday we looked at the songs up to “Smooth Criminal” in part 1b.

Today we are going to wrap up our look at the question of whether Michael Jackson sang live on the Dangerous Tour or not.

5) I just can’t stop loving you!

Did Michael sing “I just can’t stop loving you” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson sang this song completely live on the tour. He always sang this song live and on this tour sang it with Siedah Garrett, who actually wrote Michael’s song “Man in the mirror” and featured on the Bad album on the same song as well as “I just can’t stop loving you”. She has also sang with Madonna. Michael on the Bad tour sang the song with Sheryl Crow, who was her backing singer.

6) She’s out of my life!

Did Michael sing “She’s out of my life” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael sang this song completely live as he did in every tour and concert. It’s interesting to compare this to “You are not alone” on the History Tour because both songs had a female fan come on stage and hug Michael. On the History Tour, even though the microphone was supposedly on, we could hear no trace of the screaming fan on stage, yet during the Dangerous tour shows, we clearly hear the fan going crazy … that’s because it was completely live. Interestingly though, in the Bucharest concert, the fan shown was from another concert and they also edited the sound and mixed footage from two concerts. If you listen carefully, you will hear a repeated chord AND you will see that in one shot Michael hair is up and in the next moment his hair is down. You can read more about that here.

Interestingly, Michael sang this song quite recently in 1999, but only in rehearsal for his Korean “Michael Jackson and friends concert“. He was to sing it with Mariah Carey but rehearsed it with a backing singer. It sounded pretty poor and musically was filled with many mistakes – probably one of the reasons it was dropped.

Either way – always sang live.

7) Jackson 5 medley!

Did Michael sing “Jackson 5 medley” live on the Dangerous Tour?

As always, Michael Jackson sang the medley completely live and sang it very well. This included, I want you back, the love you save and I’ll be there.

8 ) Thriller!

Did Michael sing “Thriller” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson mimed this song on the Dangerous Tour, as well as the History tour. It’s interesting to note that his microphone was off for the whole song and he never made a live sound during this song on the tour.

We also have an interesting situation of a backing dancer subbing for Michael, in a massive wear wolf mask but the vocals being totally unaffected … i’ve never understood the logic of this 🙂

Finally, I would have loved for Michael to perform the middle 8 section of the ORIGINAL song, which they cut in the live shows … that is a great section!

9) Billie Jean!

Did Michael sing “Billie Jean” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson sang this live on the entire tour and it was a very good vocal performance indeed considering how tired he would be at this stage of the concert. We have Michael coming down on the stage for the first part of the tour and Michael starting the song lower down on the main stage for the later dates. On the Bucharest DVD of the tour we see that they edit the song and include parts from Munich including the first line which you can see is not from the actual show … Michael didn’t sing the first few words of the song originally in the concert because the microphone stand swung and nearly hit him in the face … this was edited out of the DVD and replaced with the first line of the Munich concert.

10) Working Day and Night!

Did Michael sing “Working Day and Night” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Working Day and Night was a completely live song, sang live and performed live. The song was dropped from the last few dates of the tour. Michael sang this well and it was one of the highlights of the tour. The song had many breaks in it and the rule is that if the song has a break in it, where the song stops completely and then restarts … it is live. We have an exception to this which is “Jam”. In select songs like “Heal the World” and “Beat it”, the part after the restart is live. For example … “Wanna be starting something” has a massive break in it … so that would be live vocals from Michael.

11) Beat it!

Did Michael sing “Beat it” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Beat it was sang completely live by Michael on the tour. He sang the song in a higher key on the opening night but lowered it for the other shows. This was obviously a great performance!

12) Will you be there!

Did Michael sing “Will you be there” live on the Dangerous Tour?

“Will you be there”, was mimed during the tour, except for the last spoken section. Uniquely for a Michael Jackson song, the live version had different vocals from the original album version … this does not mean that he sang it live, or re sang it, just that they used a slightly different edit for the show, for some reason (I suspect that the ending of the song has lot’s of “space” and he was forgetting to catch the removed line with the lip syncing). Compare the album version with the tour version and you’ll notice the difference 🙂

13) Black or White!

Did Michael sing “Black or White” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson mimed this song on the tour. On the opening night his microphone was on pretty loud so you could hear him singing, as in other concerts, like the London, Wembley dates but over all, this was a lip synced song. A hard song to sing … it sounds a lot better mimed because it didn’t sound good during “This is it” when it was sung live.

14) Heal the World!

Did Michael sing “Heal the World” live on the Dangerous Tour?

This song was mimed and the lip sync was done VERY VERY well. In the Bucharest DVD it looks like they added a feedback effect (or it happened at that exact moment coincidentally from a different microphone) on the first line. With the fade up added to the mix it really really looks like he is singing live, but he’s not. It is very well done.

He does start singing towards the end of the song (as we looked at during out History tour look at the song): “There is a point during this song when the microphone is switched on and Michael starts singing live. This (roughly) is the section near the end where it goes into “you and for me, you and for me (repeat)”, just after he lip syncs “save it for our children”… the point varies slightly from concert to concert”

Everything after the restart is live and they do not use the choir track on this tour, as they did in the History tour. I like this a lot better … more guitars and just more mellow and live.

15) Man in the mirror!

Did Michael sing “Man in the mirror” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson mimed this song on the tour. He never sang the main section of the song live on a concert in his career EXCEPT on the opening might in Munich, he sang the first line live. Similarly to his United we stand version, he did sing the later parts live and sang them very well. Again, they edited certain concerts together for the DVD release of the tour, which you can especially see when Michael climbs along the scaffold toward the end of the song … the singing doesn’t go with the mouth.

Michael sang the second section of this song so well that it’s sometimes hard to tell where the live point is … but if you listen carefully, you can tell!

Main song though: mimed! (but done very well!)


Michael performed certain extra songs on the tour, including Bad, The way you make me feel and Dangerous. He performed Dangerous on the last few dates of the tour and the other two on the first few shows of the tour…. and in my opinion 3 of the BEST songs on the whole tour and no way they should have been dropped! Anyway … let’s take a closer look!

1) Bad!

Did Michael sing “Bad” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson mimed Bad, in the same way he mimed it in the SECOND leg of the BAD TOUR. The main song is totally lip synced and the ending is sung live … in Munich he introduced the band during this song.

2) The way you make me feel!

Did Michael sing “The way you make me feel” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Michael Jackson mimed this song during the tour and only sang live during the section AFTER the dance break (with the dancers) … he sang the live section, that he did sing, very well.

3) Dangerous!

Did Michael sing “Dangerous” live on the Dangerous Tour?

Finally, on the last few dates of the tour Michael performed the song “Dangerous” … which makes sense as it was the DANGEROUS TOUR! Anyway, in my opinion this was the best version of the song performed. He did not sing it live and mimed the performance except on occasion singing parts of the break down section over the backing track toward the end of the song on certain dates.

That is our look at Michael Jackson’s singing on the Dangerous Tour!

By Anthony King (c)

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