Michael Jackson’s History World tour was a hugh success and he worked on the tour, with the backing of “Kingdom Entertainment”, the company owned and controlled by one of the world’s richest men, Billionaire HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

The Prince has recently rennovated and reopened the world famous Savoy Hotel in London, is the private owner of the worlds biggest passenger plane the Airbus A380 and is generally one cool Prince! Kingdom entertainment also produced with Michael his short film “Ghosts”. Before we get on to the History world tour and the Princes involvement let’s take a look at a press conference with Prince Alwaleed and the King of pop Michael Jackson announcing a joint venture and business empire in 1997:

Michael Looked GREAT! 🙂

Here is a transcript of Michael’s speech:

“I would like to welcome all the journalists and press who are covering this historic press conference. For reasons I will soon share with you, Kingdom Entertainment represents a long avaiting dream come true.
My earliest inspiration to be actively involved in all facets of the global multi-media explosion was derived from decades of travelling throughout the world.

During these continous concert tours, I was made privy to the heartbeats of millions of fans who willingly shared with me their hopes, loves, fears and most importantly, their desire for a better life. It was during this time that I first began to appreciate that the proper approach to global family entertainment could go a long way in addressing these concerns.

Until recently, my hectic schedule and outstanding professional commitments left me little chance to develop specific strategies for the development of a total integrated global entertainment complex. All that began to change 18 months ago when I first met my friend and partner in the Kingdom Entertainment, HRH Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal. In short order it was clear we shared the same goals and approches on how to make global entertainment a reality.

Through Kingdom Entertainment the Prince and myself will combine human and financial resources to be successful in all phases of the multi-media revolution. As examples, we intend to be active in theme parks and hotels, feature films, animation, recordings, publishing, tours, children’s books, educational entertainment, character licencing and merchandising.

In closing, to all those millions who have encouraged me to get involved with global entertainment based on family values I can proudly say: Because of Kingdom Entertainment and my partner Prince Al Waleed, “You Are Not Alone”. “

Michael Jackson’s History Tour and Kingdom Entertainment

“I cannot base my relationship on innuendo. I believe that all the fuss around him has no basis. I believe that he is still an underdeveloped asset. There is no other artist who can go to some countries and have the whole place come to a standstill.” -HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

Michael Jackson Blitz Special Documentary

Tarak Ben Ammar, media consultant, was dispatched by the Prince to streamline Michael’s History World Tour (you can see him in the German “Blitz Special” on the History tour, where he say’s that Michael always say’s “without his fans, he will be nothing”). Ben Ammar went on to say that the second leg of the History tour was profitable and that costs were reduced by 50% (You can read about that here)

Obviously, this is great BUT … there was also a reduction in the number of dancers, the number of backing singers (from four to three) etc on the second leg. You can read more about the History Tour and all of that here! You can also see some photos of Michael, The Prince and his son here.

Long live the King! (and long live The Prince!)

By Anthony King (c)

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