Michael Jackson “United we stand” Washington DC 2001 (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked at Michael Jackson’s “United we stand” concert in Washington DC 2001. He performed “Man in the mirror” and his new song (which was supposed to be originally premièred in Seoul, Korea 1999), “What more can I give”. The first song was unique in the sense that it has never been broadcast, he wrapped himself in a United States flag and jumped on a crane and hovered above the crowd. It is also interesting to note that this was only the second time that Michael Jackson had ever performed his song “Man in the mirror” live with a choir. Although, he performed the song many many times in his career and on tour, the first time he performed it with a live choir on stage was at the 1988 Grammy awards (where he performed “The way you make me feel” and “Man in the mirror”) and the second and last time was at the “United we stand” October 2001 concert.

You might remember that in the ill-fated Martin Bashir documentary “Living with Michael Jackson“, Michael was in Germany to collect a “Bambi” 2002 award. The one which Martin Bashir made such a big deal about Jackson taking to the stage 15 seconds earlier than planned (Michael Jackson takes to the stage when HE wants 🙂 ). Anyway … the video which was playing in the background and the song being played, whilst Celine Dion was crying (in the “Living with Michael Jackson” documentary), was the song “What more can I give”. You can take a look at the speech and a clip from the video below:

Apparently, this song had a lot of problems being released and as we discussed previously, was supposed to be premièred in 1999 at the entitled “What more can I give” charity concerts. A video was produced with Michael directing a multitude of stars including Celene Dion, Usher and Justin Timberlake.

The producer of the video turned out to also produce adult videos and I think this caused a problem for the release as well as posible legal issues with all the stars involved and the record company. I felt at the time and since, that this was the last “Michael Jackson song” By that I mean, classic sounding Michael Jackson song from that era (just as I felt that the “Michael Jackson and friends concerts” were his last proper, shows, of that era … it’s a good song:

What more can I give lyrics

How many people will have to die before we will take a stand
How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can
If sending your love is all you can give
To help one live, mmm

How many times can we turn our heads
And pretend we cannot see
Healing the wounds of our broken earth
We are one global family
Just sending your prayers
Is something you feel
Helping one heal
What have I got that I can give
(What have I got that I can give, tell me)
What have I got that I can give, yeah, oh
To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give (what more can I give, yeah)

brother to brother, lay down our fears and reach out and make a pact
Show him the love that is in our hearts, let us bring salvation back
Just sending your love has the power to heal
So let’s all give

What have I got that I can give
(It’s not a lot to give, just a little bit)
What have I got that I can give
(Everyone should be a part of it)
To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give

Say the words, I’ll lay ’em down for you
Just call my name, I am your friend
See then why do they keep teaching us
Such hate and cruelty
We should give over and over again

What have I got that I can give
(We should give over and over again)
What have I got that I can give
(Oh my God, oh my God)
See, to love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give

What have I got that I can give (aah)
What have I got that I can give
(Give to you, give to you)
See, to love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give (Oooh)


What have I got that I can give
(Give to you, we’re gonna give to you)
What have I got that I can give
To hold and conceal you
To love and to heal you
What more can I give

What have I got that I can give
(What have I got)
(Send them your prayers)
What have I got that I can give
(Show the world how much you really care)
(To love you)
To love and to teach you
(To hold you, to need you)To hold and to need you
What more can I give

What have I got that I can give…

The live concert performance: Michael Jackson What more can I give

The ABC broadcast above was TOTALLY reconstructed after the event. The actual performance was very different. The artists, didn’t know the words, most sounded terrible, Brad Buxer even had to play the melody of the song to get the artists back on track! (I am sorry to report! 🙂 ). Michael did sing the first line live … and the last parts of the song live.

I’m actually listening to the ORIGINAL performance as I write this, and it’s hurting my ears! (whos is singing from 1.37 to chorus!?!?!?!??!?!?! Fortunately, as you can hear from the ABC broadcast they just erased them from the edit … a good thing!)

(You can listen to the actual live broadcast here)

You can also hear some of Michael’s original vocals that were sung by Celine Dion in the original track, on the live version.

I can’t actually listen to this live performance any more, so i’ll wrap this up now and just stick to the original! 🙂

By Anthony King (c)

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