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OK, time for some child’s play regarding the easiest way to feel great and stay in shape! It’s really easy to change your outlook and feel great, and I’m going to let you into the secret! How to stay in shape, how to stay energised, how to just be well! Now, before I let you into the secret…I have to admit that I stole it, from probably the greatest actor ever: Marlon Brando. It’s the secret weapon that I pull out when I’m feeling down or overworked.

As a choreographer and dance teacher, it’s also my job to give advice on how much to dance and practice and exercise tips and all of that. But again, do you want to hear something that costs nothing and is so simple, that doesn’t involve a 15 step plan and your hard earned cash, only a little determination? I always tell my students that the best way to stay healthy and keep fit is a) to dance and b) to run (although that’s not the secret!). Trust me, I have heard every excuse conceivable in the book, why this is not possible. It’s quite entertaining to hear the same excuses from so many different people! It’s quite simple; although you might have to wake up 45 minutes earlier in the morning. All you have to do is invest in a good quality pair of trainers (sneakers) and run daily….

That’s it! But of course, they would rather quote scientific theories on shock impact as if they’re experts in Chondromalacia, Chronic exertional compartment syndrome, Great excuse syndrome as well as other knee disorders…Anything not to, in the words of Nike “Just do it!” (…Interestingly, the same people who take such an interest in the sciences are not too worried at the inhaling of toxins and drinking poison in the pub every night!)

Anyway, I digress!

It’s really simple and is also the perfect way to jump into dance and any physical activity, especially for absolute beginners. Although it is very simple, it’s something that so many people are unable to do. The number one way to lose weight and get into dance and get your backside moving! The bad news is that you won’t want to hear it. It’s probably too simple for you to accept!

The Secret

Marlon Brando. The man. Marlon Brando had the most amazing ability to lose weight. I mean, seriously, he would go from being a very healthy lean looking movie star to a massively overweight man, and then back again, in very short periods of time….But how!?? He was once asked in an interview, “How do you lose weight so quickly?” Now, you’d be surprised at his answer. Did it involve an army of Hollywood trainers? No! Did it involve subscribing to nonsensical unhealthy scam diets? No! It was completely free…and very easy to do. He would close the curtains, close the doors, put on a great piece of music full blast… and just go crazy! Yes, just move to the music. No choreography, no nothing! He said that he just copied the Hula dancers that he watched, with all that movement. You are a human being, with natural rhythm….Why do you need to learn to go enjoy a great happy song? You don’t. And I mean, go crazy…Just do whatever you feel like, manoeuvre like a crazy beast…Just lose control for once. Feel free to lose your inhibitions and be free! Hey, nobody’s watching, so who gives a damn anyway!

Marlon Brando filmed and vacationed in Hawaii, and was inspired and impressed by the natural movements e.g. Natural dance like the Samburu tribe dance, in Africa. Forget this nonsense that you have to “learn” how to do this, or “learn” how to do that or that you can only lose weight and keep fit and “feel good” with a yearly membership at the top gym, that you hardly attend anyway, repeating mechanical, totally non natural, robotic movements in front of a flashing box. Which is a totally new phenomenon anyway. You tell me where the healthiest people in the world are. Not in the same locations as the countries with the most gyms, I bet!

As every Philosopher has said, it’s always a case of “unlearning” rather than “learning”. And one more thing, mentally, you will feel great afterwards too. For once, really do something spontaneous and give it a try! That is my personal feel good keep fit advice: the technique that I employ when I’m feeling down! Now, as always, it might be too complicated for you to do something so simple – but why not give it a try! It’s the perfect place to start for a beginner and I guarantee that you’ll feel great afterwards and really be in a better position to advance and learn, as well as keep in shape.

My Top 5 personally recommended songs!

1) “Wanna be startin something” by Michael Jackson
2) “Venus” by Bananarama
3) “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor
4) “Manic Monday” by the Bangles
5) “Puttin on the Ritz” performed by Fred Astaire

And any Michael Jackson track….Good luck! Think about your mental ability to try new things and not disregard something that may indeed help you. That simple thing might be something that you could use to progress. Don’t disregard anything just because it sounds too simple. Advancement in the physical really does start in your head.

By Anthony King ©

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