Health and Fitness – Some words of advice!

If you want to dance like Michael Jackson, you need to be fit and healthy! Below are just a few words of encouragement , advice and a little direction. Remember that, harmony and balance are key in dance as well as health, fitness and your body… drastic measures are not needed necessarily!

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is diet and exercise. The two have a symbiotic relationship and both are keys to your well being. It’s also important to realise that “diet is no substitute for exercise”. You can eat a healthy balanced diet and still be unfit and perform well below your optimum without exercise, and you will perform well below your optimum level if you exercise regularly but have a poor unhealthy diet. You need to have both; a healthy balance and you will see amazing results in our fitness, lifestyle and general well being!

We process food at different rates, as we all have a unique metabolism. But it is quite clear that there is no magic formula or secret diet that will work for all…because we are all different, but it is possible to find a metabolic balance, where you nourish yourself to your optimum level whilst consuming the right healthy amounts of fats, which leads to a healthy balance, your well being and your ideal bodyweight. One thing is quite clear; healthy, logical moderation is key…quick fix diets and popular fads are temporary solutions that can damage your long term health and are not solid foundations for a healthy lifestyle. If you become aware of how you eat and the different reasons why, including any psychological attachments that you may have to certain foods, then you can become more in tune with your body and its needs and change your lifestyle and improve the quality of your life for the better.

Some basic advice

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty busy and don’t have the time to be keeping a daily food diary and counting every calorie that we consume with every mouthful wherever we may be. And the good news is that it’s just totally unnecessary! The bottom line is this:

You want change or you don’t. You want to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best energetic person you can be or you don’t. If you really do, then the good news is that if you follow some simple logical guidelines then you will see a transformation over time naturally and other people will notice it too. It is pretty simple when you break it down. If you don’t exercise and you eat too much, especially when you aren’t hungry, you are wearing your body down and eating in excess. In today’s modern culture with Hollywood dieting, energy bars, energy drinks, and quick snacks it is easy to forget our “normal” appetite and hunger levels. The healthy idea of eating when your hungry and stopping when you feel full have been smashed and replaced with, “I’ll have a quick bite on the way to the office” or “I’ll eat when I have time”. If you focus on eating within a natural framework and only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are comfortably full, you will begin to retrain your mind and body and retain your natural body weight in a healthy sustained way. Crazy diets and quick fixes are not necessary!

A Simple Healthy framework

What is a healthy framework? Well, a healthy frame work is simply, three healthy meals a day. And if you are hungry, two healthy snacks daily as well. This is your foundation and a solid daily framework that will give you all that you need to function healthily and to your optimum level as well attain and maintain a healthy body weight. It generally makes sense to have a fairly substantial meal, as early as possible in the day to give you energy and to give you a kick start and keep you going with a healthy sustained energy release throughout the morning. But it is also important to remember that you eat, within the frame work, when you feel comfortable and it may not be feasible due to time restraints or other everyday factors, to have a very large breakfast first thing in the morning and would rather have a larger meal later in the day. This is absolutely fine, as it is your body and different strategies work for different types of people. You need to find out what works best for you and what makes you comfortable within the natural healthy framework.

Metabolic balance and a healthy food intake will help you focus naturally on the right foods for you and increase the level of your well being. After you have felt and observed the effect of positive dietary change you will not feel the urge to eat unhealthily and give up your energy and well being because of some temporary cravings that only give you short term pleasure and a quick high (and can leave you feeling dejected afterwards). They are usually physiological level issues, and will be addressed when you start to maintain a healthy balanced diet, naturally. Until that point it is important to keep sight of your goal and if you are over weight or unhappy with your lifestyle, to follow the most simple advice in the book. This might sound crazy, but if you follow this simple advice you will accelerate toward your goals: Stop eating foods that you know make you fat, quick fix snacks that give you short term pleasure at the expense of your long term well being!

Yes, it’s that simple, and it’s a decision for you to make, when you feel comfortable enough to do it. I guarantee you that, you cannot fail if you stick to a healthy balanced diet, but the choice is yours. You cannot fail if you simply eat the right foods for your body and overcome the urges, bad habits and food cravings that you know are detrimental to your mental and physical well being. Why not take a look at it from a different psychological level. If you had diabetes or heart disease, you would be advised by your doctor to stop eating certain foods, and the probability is that you would do it to preserve your life and well being so that you can enjoy all that it has to offer.

I say that you, right now, have the chance to preserve your life and well being and really live life to the maximum by changing your outlook and diet and becoming a better version of who you are today. And that means that you may, want to take an honest look at your fat intake and those unhealthy foods that you know are detrimental to your health and cut them out. Just do it! Keep sight of your longer term goals and you’ll be amazed at how it will get easier and easier, once you get going…the key, is to get going!

By Anthony King ©

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