The hottest new way to keep fit. Michael Jackson style dance class. Learn to dance in the style of Michael Jackson the King of pop to all the classic hits! Suitable for beginners and all levels, founded by Anthony King over 6 years ago and recommended by Michael Jackson's official website over 5 years ago!

Mondays: 7pm-8pm
Saturday: 3-4pm

Pineapple Dance Studios
7 Langley Street
Covent Garden
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Anthony King’s Michael Jackson Dance Class

Exclusively at Pineapple Dance Studios, Central London, Covent Garden

Michael Jackson Dance Class LondonAnthony King founded the original "Michael Jackson dance class" (recommended by Michael Jackson's official website) at the world famous Pineapple dance studios, in 2004.

It's been featured by The Sun, Financial Times, Elle, BBC News, Sky News, Rimmel London, Radio 1, ITV, CNN and various media worldwide.

 The Michael Jackson dance class London is held 2 times a week on Monday (7pm) and Saturday (3pm). The MJ Class is drop in, so you don't need to book - you can just turn up! The hour class costs £7 for members and a day membership is available (£2 - 4 depending on your age/circumstances)

Pineapple Dance Studios Michael Jackson Dance Informations

London Michael Jackson Hen Dance Class – Thriller Hen Dance Class London at Pineapple with Anthony King

Thriller Hen Dance Class with Anthony King

Michael Jackson Hen Parties, Corporate Dance Workshops – Thriller Dance Class!

Anthony has taught hundreds of groups and you are guaranteed that your hen party dance will be unforgettable! You can learn and perform Thriller or any one of the Michael Jackson classic routines with all your friends! (other great “hen do ideas” options include: “Single Ladies” Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Grease Lighting, Lionel Richie “All night long”, Backstreet Boys, “Singing in the rain”, Gangnam Style, Dirty Dancing and much much more).


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Anthony King
Pineapple Dance Studios
7 Langley Street
Covent Garden

Anthony King has created the Michael Jackson Style Dance class over 12 years ago teaching exclusively at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios, recommended on Michael Jackson’s Official website!


“I want all of my students to feel better about themselves than when they arrived and leave with a smile. I want every one of my students to feel part of the class, appreciated and have the best time while learning some really funky routines and take part in the baddest dance class around! I have designed my class to be different from the conventional…I’m fed up of dance classes with 4 or 5, amazing looking dancers at the front of class (always the same people) and everybody else, seemingly forgotten, struggling behind fighting to keep up and leaving at the end feeling dejected and discouraged. In my opinion this is a failing on the teacher’s part for not doing there job which is to…teach!”


“Anthony, when I grow up I want to be just like you! I think you’re the man….keep on doing great things”


WHAT TO BRING (Public open classes) – Mondays: 7pm-8pm and Saturday: 3-4pm (for full site functionality/information please click “desktop” at the bottom of this page)

Classes last one hour taught at the world famous Pineapple Dance studios. All levels and ages welcome. Please remember to wear comfortable clothing (ie. Tracksuit, trainers) and bring your bottle of water as well as your smile! Nearest tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square


Anthony’s weekly dance classes are based in central London. His classes are specifically designed for beginners and dancers of all levels, with the main focus to have fun through dance! If you’ve never been to a dance class before or feel afraid to dance then Anthony King is the perfect teacher for you! Learn how to dance like Michael Jackson. Ultimate Michael Jackson Dance style! The baddest dance workout around! Technically, the class is a combination of street, commercial pop and modern jazz – in normal English… funky dance moves that look good and can be learned by all!

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“Anthony King is truly an amazing dancer and choreographer with natural star quality….he’s one of the best”

Hi Anthony, just an email to say how much I enjoyed your dance class on Saturday afternoon. I work at a London hospital in the paediatric operating theatres its a tough job but someone has to do it! I have been looking forever for a way to have fun and relax at the weekends and have finally found it!
Thank you, see you next Saturday!


Anthony is an inspirational teacher!

When I first heard about Anthony’s class I was not convinced if I should join. As an investment banker without any dancing background I was quite suspicious of my ability to follow complex dance routines. However, as a big fan of Michael Jackson I decided to give it a try. After a few classes I was happy to realize that the way Anthony explains even complex routines make them easy to follow even for complete beginners. The class itself is lots fun so give it a try and remember to test the moves on a proper dance floor, they do impress the crowds!

Hi! I’m Sid. I’m 36 and I’ve never danced before. I was never one to frequent nightclubs and I dreaded any party or function where dancing was involved because I never had the confidence to dance, so I didn’t, or I made only a half-hearted attempt, and therefore always came away with the feeling of an empty experience.
This summer I’ve attended two weddings and it’s been the same old story… Sidney not dancing and therefore not enjoying himself. I was ‘sick and tired’ of being ‘sick and tired’ of facing situations where there was dancing involved… I had to do something.
I discovered Anthony King’s dance classes six weeks ago – and I’m loving it! I found the most difficult step was plucking up the courage to go, but once I was there I was amongst like minded people that enjoyed dancing and wanted to learn. The sheer enthusiasm that Anthony brings to his classes is so infectious, he makes you believe in yourself and ultimately will help you succeed. He says it takes about 3 weeks to really get into the swing of things, and he’s right. I’m off to Canada for another wedding in two weeks and I’m really looking forward to it, especially the dancing!! I can truly say that my life has been turned around by meeting this truly gifted & talented young man.


Hi Anthony,
Kerry here,- one of your newest students – I’ve been that last two weeks with my friend Laura. Anyway, we are definitely going to keep coming to your classes!
As I’m writing I may as well give you some well deserved praise:
We really enjoy your class. It’s great that you describe what you’re doing as well as showing us and your enthusiasm and energy really makes us work hard. It’s also appreciated that although you set high standards with the routine, pointing out the little things, that you are also aware of our ability and are kind when we REALLY can’t do it.
Keep up the good work!



As jacko turns 50, celebrate by learning his famous dances – you just can’t beat it!
By Elizabeth McMahon

It’s impossible to deny Michael Jackson’s contribution to music. He moonwalked into the world 50 years ago and although his tunes may not have healed the place, they have certainly improved it for pop fans. He has chosen to celebrate his half century by releasing King of pop, a new album of his best work. Across the world, people voted for their all time favourite Jackson hits and each country has its own unique album according to what the fans there chose.

But how should one personally commemorate such an occasion? Why, by attending Anthony King’s Michael Jackson Style Dance class at Pineapple Studios, of course. King is a celebrity choreographer who specialises in Jacko. He has also written a book and released a DVD. Anthony King’a Thriller Dance Workout. So my hopes were high – would my cellulite take a leaf out of Michael’s book and Beat it?
When I met Anthony I learned the reason for his interest in MJ: his stepbrother worked for Jackson, so while we were all practising that famous “Hee-Hee” move in our bedrooms, he was watching it for real. It was clear from our initial handshake that Anthony King has a passion for dance. He is dynamic, enthusiastic and charismatic. His favourite MJ song is Wanna be starting somethin’ – and I certainly had high hopes this class would be the start of something special for this Jacko-lover.

PINEAPPLE dance studios fits perfectly with the required Eighties ambience – it’s brimming with loose-limbed, energetic types in legwarmers. I felt like I’d stepped into an episode of Fame. There were around 20 of us in the studio – a good turnout for a Wednesday night – and we all immediately felt included as Anthony made a point of addressing us all personally. We warmed up with some intense jogging on the spot. Watching my thighs jiggle in the mirror was not much of a treat but it got the blood flowing. The overall routine was based on Beat it but Anthony said that every class is different so, if you go regularly, you will be treated to an array of hits. I was milding disappointed, having dreamed of learning the moves to Thriller, but was already hooked and vowed to come back.

WE SLOWLY and carefully built up an intricate routine over the hour. Anthony took the time to explain each section, demontrating what he meant in front of the class and then giving us the opportunity to practice before we attempted to put it to the music. This was all well and good for those with some semblance of rhythm, but I had difficulties with my motor skills as the moves became progressively more complex.

But even though I was much less coordinated than most I still felt pretty damn good as we bounced around to the infectious beat. Even if you are exceptionally inept, it is impossible not to enjoy yourself.

By the end of the class, I was sweaty and exhilarated. I had even kind of mastered the routine in my own special way.

ANTHONY believes that dance allows you to gain a physical and psychological high very quickly. I can certainly vouch for that: his high energy class really did get us all going – there were even a few Michael-style yelps from the more enthusiatic among us. Dance movements are multidirectional and therefore good for your joints, while the weightbearing moves can improve bone density. And if you really go for it, you can burn up to 500 calories in one session. Dancing is also good for balance and agility and the whole process helps to flush out toxins and alleviates stress. Regular participation can reduce your heart rate, lower blood and improve cholesterol levels. You can’t really argue with all of that, can you? I know that I felt full of beans as I left the studios – in fact I got a few funny looks as I practised my moves on the way home.

IF YOU’RE looking for an entertaining way to burn calories and love all things MJ then this class is perfect for you. It is not pretentious or intimidating – no one takes anything too seriously apart, of course, from the music. So did I fullfill my need to celebrate Jacko’s 50th Definetely. Was I any good? Hmm. When asked his thoughts on the white- gloved one, Bob Geldof famously said: “When Michael Jackson sings, it’s with the voice of angels and when his feet move, you can see god dancing”. I would like to say that I exhibited similar qualities but if I did, i would be telling atrocious porky pies.

Learn to move like the King of Pop

By Rebecca Rose
Everyone needs a signature dance move. I discovered this recently at a friend’s wedding when an impromptu circle formed on the dance floor, and reveller after reveller stepped into the ring. Break-dancing, body-popping, tap, jive, Charlston… I felt a gentle sweat coming on – I couldn’t reveal the fruits of belly-dancing lessons at university over a decade ago. Afterwards, I resolved never to put myself in that position again. I would learn to dance like Michael Jackson instead.

Pineapple Studios was the grooviest place to flex your Lycra in the 1980s. Since the passing of the King of Pop (and the return of Lycra) it is enjoying a renaissance. This is partly thanks to the popularity of choreographer Anthony King’s regular Michael Jackson dance classes. On a Wednesday night at 6pm, the rather warm Covent Garden dance studio is packed with Jackson fans in tour T-shirts and sweat gear, getting acquainted with the man in the mirror. I feel intimidated, but I’m soon distracted by King’s infectious energy and snake-hipped charisma. We begin with “Wanna Be Starting Something”. Wrist-flicking, leg-shaking, body-pumping, air-punching – and that’s only the first 1.5 seconds. We try it to music twice, and proceed to the next sequence, which involves unladylike thrusting. This I find embarrassing, especially as I’m positioned next to the window of our street-level studio.

“Shamone!” a class member exclaims triumphantly as we put the whole routine together. By the end of the hour I’m feeling so limber, I could almost perform in the piazza itself. So that’s why the class has a “do not come dressed as Michael Jackson” dress code! After all, there can only be one King of Pop – well, two actually.

Hen Parties and Private Classes

For private class enquiries please contact Anthony directly by email, with your full contact details and a brief summary. Click on the CONTACT page for details.