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Michael Jackson and Friends 1999 charity Concerts

The “Michael Jackson and Friends” concerts were performed in June 1999. The first concert was held in Seoul, Korea on 25th June 1999 and the second show was held in Munich at the Olympic stadium on 27th June 1999. The second show in the series was very eventful and it was the last time I saw Michael Jackson perform in a proper concert setting just like old times and it … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson’s BAD WORLD TOUR LIVE – The King of Pop’s first solo tour – article

Michael Jackson’s BAD WORLD TOUR was the King of Pop’s first solo world tour and a true classic! kicking off the concerts in Japan and it was Michael’s first ever true solo show, as a solo artist. The tour was, at the time, the biggest show on the road ever and consisted of 123 performances. The Guinness Book of Records entered it as the biggest grossing tour as well as … Continue reading

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