Anthony King's Guide to Michael Jackson's History Tour


Anthony King’s Guide to Michael Jackson’s History Tour

Authored by Anthony King

​​Paperback & Kindle
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
566 pages
ISBN-10: 1999604946
ISBN-13: 978-1999604943
BISAC: Music / History & Criticism

About the book

Anthony King’s Guide to Michael Jackson’s History Tour is an in-depth analysis of every performance. It is a factually accurate account including dates, venue information, audience data and a whole lot more. In his show by show analysis, Anthony King takes you around the world, on tour with the “King of Pop”. He lets you into some never before revealed facts about the show, exploring show trivia, the choreography and dancers, the band and music, set design, illusions and behind the scenes. Thoroughly researched and meticulous in detail this book contains hundreds of world exclusives!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 
2. HIStory Tour Facts, Figures and Full Tour Schedule
3. Songs and Music Performed 
4. Staging and the HIStory Tour Backstage Team 
5. Costume Design – Dennis Tompkins 
and Michael Bush 
6. The Band and Singers 
7. The Dancers and Choreographers
8. Show Introduction and Classical Music used on the 
HIStory Tour
9. Pre-recorded Elements on the HIStory Tour – What Is a 
Click Track and What Is a Multitrack? 
10. The Songs and Performance – a Closer Look
11. Restructuring, Reductions and Changes – World Exclusives


Prague, Czech Republic 
Budapest, Hungary 
Bucharest, Romania 
Moscow, Russia 
Warsaw, Poland
Zaragoza, Spain 
Amsterdam, Holland 
Tunis, Tunisia
Seoul, South Korea 
Taipei, Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Mumbai, India 
Bangkok, Thailand
Auckland, New Zealand 
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia 
Melbourne, Australia 
Adelaide, Australia
Perth, Australia
Manila, Philippines 
Tokyo, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan
Honolulu, Hawaii
Bremen, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Bremen, Germany
Amsterdam, Holland
Kiel, Germany 
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Milan, Italy
Lausanne, Switzerland 
Bettembourg, Luxembourg
Lyon, France
Paris, France
Vienna, Austria
Munich, Germany 

HISTORY TOUR MUNICH: Saturday 16th August 1997

Sheffield, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Dublin, Ireland 
Basel, Switzerland
Nice, France
Berlin, Germany 
Leipzig, Germany
Hockenheim, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark 
Gothenburg, Sweden
Oslo, Norway
Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland 
Copenhagen, Denmark 
Ostend, Belgium
Valladolid, Spain
Cape Town, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Durban, South Africa

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