DVD 3 Don t Stop Cover Michael Jackson Dance

Anthony King’s Don’t Stop Dance Workout DVD/Download

Learn the classic “MICHAEL JACKSON MOVES” learn the KICKS, turns and “MJ WALKS” in a classic workout routine! Learn the “YOU ROCK MY WORLD” walk, the classic MICHAEL JACKSON SHUFFLE, “SMOOTH CRIMINAL” Robotics and much more! Anthony King is back to teach you NEW moves and a new routine inspired by Michael Jackson’s “BAD”, “SMOOTH CRIMINAL” and much more!


​Learn the amazing “Criminal Robotics” steps! One of Michael Jackson most iconic visual videos was the classic “Smooth Criminal”. Anthony breaks down the amazing “Robotic” moves and teaches you how to move like the man himself. You’ll be busting it like a smooth criminal in no time after Anthony takes you step by step through each move, along with 2 of his backing dancers (male AND female) showing you exactly how it should look.


​Learn the Michael Jackson Style dance moves that have changed the world of entertainment! Learn the “MICHAEL JACKSON SHUFFLE” made famous by MICHAEL JACKSON in his live performances of “Wanna be startin’ something”, “Jam”, “Billie Jean” and other live performances!

Anthony King will break down each step so that you will master the classic moves at home!


​Anthony especially wanted to incorporate to special types of classic Michael Jackson walks into this DVD, the first being the classic “shuffle” walk made famous in “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal”, so that you can join up your walk with the criminal Robotics. In addition Anthony breaks down the mechanics of the special “You Rock My World” walk, which is a special locking, robotic walk based on weight transfer and popping similar to the moonwalk. Anthony breaks it down for you and shows you how to join it all up into a classic workout routine!


​This is the DVD dance workout for the person who’s dreamt of mastering Michael Jackson’s dance moves and routines but never had the right teacher… Anthony King, recommended by Michael Jackson’s official website is the teacher for you!


​We’re not talking about the side slide or the moonwalk (see Anthony’s previous DVD’s for in depth lessons on those!), we’re talking about the “side move”, travelling across step sequence made famous in Michael Jackson’s “Jam” live performances as well as first verse of “Smooth Criminal” LIVE performances! Anthony breaks down the steps made famous by the King of Pop so that you too can like the man himself. A classic lesson for a classic move! This DVD has got the lot!


​The Anthony King teaching experience is a DIFFERENT learning experience! This DVD focuses on the STUDENT! Anthony’s DVD’s are specially constructed so that you can learn the moves simply, logically and methodically, at home! Each of the dance steps, turns, walks and slides is shown with different shots and angles with Anthony pointing out and advising in a focused way so that you will not be confused… the whole series is based on the idea that YOU should learn and is specifically designed to enhance YOUR learning and not be like other DVD’s!

You’ll be Working Day and Night on your new moves! This is a unique learning experience. This is it!


​FOUR of Anthony’s Dancers accompany him throughout just as if it were a REAL DANCE CLASS. Watch Anthony interact with and teach them as he is teaching YOU. He has picked 2 girls and 2 boys so you know exactly how it should look on you! Anthony speaks to YOU directly as part of his dance class and you will see how that advice is implemented with the help of Anthony’s dancers…be part of the Anthony King’s “Michael Jackson Dance class”!


​Learn the classic “Michael Jackson Shuffle” move made famous by Michael performing live in songs like “Black or White”, “Billie Jean”, “Jam” and more. Michael performed 2 shuffles….one was the classic “James Brown Shuffle” from “The love you save” and “Wanna be starting somthin’(see Anthony King’s KING OF DANCE DVD” for that one) and the other was the classic stationary shuffle which Anthony breaks down and teaches in this DVD! A classic move which is amazing to see, learn and master! This is a perfect addition to your Michael Jackson vocabulary. Learn how to perform it properly with the one and only Anthony King!

MJ Don't Stop! DVD Commentary with Anthony King