Beatrice by William Dyce at the Aberdeen Art Gallery

In this episode, we’ll be visiting Beatrice by William Dyce at the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me, Anthony King.

William Dyce was born 19th September 1806 in Aberdeen and was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and played a part in their early popularity. This 1870 oil on canvas is of Beatrice who was an Italian woman who has been commonly identified as the principal inspiration for Dante Divine Comedy. In the Comedy, Beatrice symbolises divine grace and theology. Interestingly, this painting was commissioned by the artists friend, Prime Minister William Gladstone who was Dante admirer. The model for the painting was actually chosen by Gladstone. She was a “Model” and former prostitute who was “rescued” by him. Her name is Marian Summerhayes.

By Anthony King (c)