Dance Advice | Dance FAQ’s | Maintaining your Talent and Staying Well

Dance Advice | Dance FAQ’s | Maintaining your Talent and Staying Well

Maintaining your Talent and Staying Well

I thought I’d cover some things not necessarily in my book but that might be helpful for dancers, artists and creative people. A little bit of motivation, help or positivity for you.


Fitness and exercise affect well-being and ability to interact with the world. Exercise produces endorphins which lift our mood. It goes without saying that any regular fitness activity will improve your self-confidence. If you incorporate a fitness routine, which you are comfortable with and enjoy, you will receive significant benefits to your outlook, mood, health and general well-being.


When we’re tired it doesn’t help us interact with the world in a happy way. So it’s important that you get enough sleep. How much sleep is a personal thing based upon your own body and your own activity. You want to sleep until you feel rested and then wake up. It’s probably not a good thing to sleep for less than eight hours regularly but you should experiment and see what amount of rest helps you to feel best. For me, the way I am awoken is extremely important. Get into a relaxed state prior to sleep – this might include not having a television or other screens on in the bedroom.


Cutting as much sugar out of your life may change your life your life. When I cut sugar out, I felt like a different person. My mood changed, as much as I became more patient and more tolerant. I also felt more energetic and more stable.


I would encourage you, if you wish to meditate, to find one that you are comfortable with and works for you. You can look online or in books. Another thing you can do is just sit peacefully. Turn off the electric gadgets and phones as well as the lights and just sit for a few moments and be peaceful. You will be surprised how many ways this benefits you. Another brilliant way of relaxing the brain is to find a peaceful meditative piece of music, say, Erik Satie’s relaxing ‘Gymnopedies’ and again, turn off all the lights and gadgets and just sit and listen. If you can’t find a meditation that you like then feel free to make one up!

Control Surroundings and Environment (Recuperate and Safe Spaces)

It’s very important that you create a safe space in your life where you can recuperate and relax without being disturbed, for an amount of time which you feel recharges your batteries. I would suggest that you do whatever you need to do to make it the best it can be. Fully soundproof a space if you must; just make sure that you have a place in your life to retreat to when things get too much. If you can remove yourself from noise and disturbance then this is the best way – by creating distance. Or move if an environment really doesn’t work. Don’t be afraid of change as this will improve the quality of your life.

Get up to date medical attention and any psychological care you may need

Make sure that you see the doctor regularly and keep up to date with your check-ups and medication. Also, do not be afraid to ask for any kind of psychological help you may need.

Cultivate Human Real World Relationships

Remember that you must try as hard as you can to put time aside to cultivate real world friendships and relationships and invest in them. This is good for you but your friends can also help you in times of need. Being an artist, dancer or creative person can be lonely, insular and internal so this one is really important.

That’s this particular series wrapped up! Make sure to check out all of my books and especially The Dancer’s Study Guide. You can find out more about me and how to get in touch on my website Now, go and be creative! I’m rooting for you!