Happy Youth bronze at the Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split, Croatia

In this episode, we’ll be visiting the ‘Happy Youth’ bronze at the Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split, Croatia. Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me, Anthony King.

Ivan Meštrović was born 15 August 1883 and died 16 January 1962 and was a Croatian and Yugoslavian sculptor. He was easily the most prominent Croatian sculptor and maybe most famous artist. The great Auguste Rodin is quoted as saying: “Meštrović was the greatest phenomena among the sculptors” of his time.

The Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split, Croatia is dedicated to his life’s work and is a stunningly beautiful building in a beautiful location overlooking the sea.

In the 1920s, Ivan Meštrović acquired a parcel of land situated on the Marjan peninsula west of Split with the plan to construct a summer residence. The construction of the villa, based on Meštrović’s own design, spanned from 1931 to 1939, and he actively participated in overseeing its development.

This youth certainly looks happy with her smiling face! It’s a great piece.

By Anthony King (c)