Hen dance class, parties and celebrations


Hen dance class, parties and celebrations – Your Pineapple Hen dance class will be a Thriller!

Michael Jackson Hen Dance class at the world famous Pineapple Dance Studios, with Anthony King! You can have a fun filled London dance class learning the Thriller dance or ANY Michael Jackson classic or if you want a something different, Anthony also teaches other styles and from Beyonce to Shakira to the Backstreet Boys!

Thriller Hen Dance Class with Anthony King at Pineapple

Anthony has taught hundreds of hen dance classes and you are guaranteed to have a fun and memorable day! All classes are taught by Anthony himself at Pineapple, Covent Garden. Anthony is the number 1 Hen dance class teacher in London, who taught the first Hen dance class in London over 10 years ago and created the official Michael Jackson dance class … endorsed by Michael Jackson himself!
EMAIL ANTHONY FOR DETAILS: info@anthony-king.com
Anthony King
Pineapple Dance Studios
7 Langley Street
Covent Garden

Hen Dance Class with Anthony King

When you email you receive all the information, pricing and details to best schedule your session. Anthony does not charge extra because it’s a “Hen dance class” or use a replacement teacher, you just pay for a normal dance session but will have an extraordinary time with Anthony King himself!
Don’t want a Michael Jackson song? No problem!