Living in a Bubble

A Guide to being diagnosed with High Functioning Asperger’s as an Adult

Living in a Bubble: A Guide to being diagnosed with High Functioning Asperger’s as an Adult

Authored by Anthony King

Paperback & Kindle
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
265 pages
ISBN-13: 9781999604967
ISBN-10: 9781999604974
BISAC: Self-Help/General

About the book

​If you are living with or suspect you have High Functioning Asperger’s, or someone close to you has, this book is for you. It’s not just for those diagnosed as adults, it will help anyone who wants a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be on the autism spectrum. This honest, well-researched book uses personal experience, scientific fact and useful insights. Through its clear easy to read chapters, it outlines a journey from suspecting you have the condition, asking for help, getting a diagnosis, what to expect in the way people react through to helpful coping strategies. What the book does is enable you to understand your condition – empowering you to see it not as an illness but as a new chapter in your life.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – What is Autism Spectrum Disorder/ High Functioning Asperger’s?

Chapter 2 – Discovering I was on the Spectrum 

Chapter 3 – Advice on Dealing With Diagnosis 

Chapter 4 – Benefits of Diagnosis by an Expert 

Chapter 5 – How to Tell People 

Chapter 6 – Living with Asperger’s: Sensitivity to Noise and Sound 

Chapter 7 – Living with Asperger’s: Sensitivity to Smell and Light 

Chapter 8 – Living with Asperger’s: Food and Clothes (Repetition and Routine)

Chapter 9 – Living with Asperger’s: Hair and Hygiene Rituals 

Chapter 10 – Living with Asperger’s: Fear of Doctors and Dentists

Chapter 11- Living with Asperger’s: Forming Relationships 

Chapter 12 – Living with Asperger’s: Coping with Loneliness 

Chapter 13 – Living with Asperger’s: Words, Communication and Interpretation 

Chapter 14 – Living with Asperger’s: Eccentricity and Idiosyncrasies

Chapter 15 – Living with Asperger’s: Talent 

Chapter 16 – Living With Asperger’s: Staying Well

Chapter 17 – Living with Asperger’s: Other Coping Strategies 

Chapter 18 – Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 19 – Two And A Half Years Later… 

Chapter 20 – Practical Advice and Techniques: The Traffic Light System 

Chapter 21 – Psychological Devices and Techniques