Meet the Norwegians

Deceit, Denial & Delusion in Norway

Meet the Norwegians: Deceit, Denial & Delusion in Norway

By Anthony King

311 Pages
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32cm)
ISBN: 9781838308902
BISAC: Philosophy/Satire

About the book

​Norway is promoted as one of the happiest places on earth with one of the highest standards of living – an egalitarian utopia. Meet The Norwegians is a standalone accompaniment to The Secret Norwegian series – probably the most comprehensive books ever written on Norway, its people, its culture, revealing the dark secrets hidden behind the enforced veneer of conformity. Norwegians – from doctors to academics to students – disclose what it’s like to live under the dark cloud of Janteloven’s unwritten societal rules and taboo. Read the conversations, accompanied by over 100 satirical cartoons revealing that all is not as it seems in this Scandinavian ‘paradise’. This book is a never-been-done-before inadvertent psychological breakdown of a nation: a country living denial. “Meet the Norwegians” includes over 100 satirical cartoons plus interviews with Norwegians from academics to the Prime Minister of Norway.

Table of Contents

100 Quotes from 100 Norwegians
Let’s start at the beginning…
The Janteloven
Observations: Denial and Passive Aggression
The Socratic Approach to Questioning
Let’s meet the Norwegians!
Bookshops in Norway – Promotion of Stereotypes in Norway by Norwegians
A Word about Norwegian Academics
The ‘Cult of Norway’
The Lauded ‘Nordic Lifestyle’
A Conversation with the Prime Minister of Norway
A Conversation with a Surgeon at a Top Hospital in Norway
A Conversation with a Biochemist
Norwegian Generalisations and Myths – An effect of Janteloven?
Norway – the Brand
The Treatment of the Indigenous Sami in Norway – An Interview with a Sami Family
The Norwegian Media: Fantasy v Reality
Confessions of a Foreigner in Norway
Let’s get back to the Norwegians…
The Response to The Secret Norwegian series
Is ‘Janteloven’ brainwashing?
Observing the 350 Respondents in Norway
Afterword: The Secrets of Janteloven Revealed

The Secret Norwegian - Breaking the Curse of Janteloven Filmed and Directed by Anthony King