Michael Jackson Fact Check

Fact-checking the Michael Jackson “experts” …

Michael Jackson Fact Check: Fact-checking the Michael Jackson “experts” …

By Anthony King
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About the book

Fake news is old news when it comes to Michael Jackson and his ‘cheerleaders’ ‘talking heads’, ‘experts’ and authors. So be careful what you believe… Anthony King’s ‘Michael Jackson Fact Check’ takes a delve into years of Michael Jackson news articles, books, ‘official’ website information and more, to uncover a shocking level of inaccuracy and factual error from many “experts” around the world. Including a close look at inaccurate claims by best selling and award winning authors! From tour dates, venues and reported claims of album sales, through to who designed his costumes and a whole lot more! The truth about Michael Jackson is finally revealed in this thoroughly researched and insightful fact check by the fastidious Anthony King.

Table of Contents

The Difference Between Fact and Fiction
Section 1: Dates, Venues and Tours!
Claim 1: Volkstadion, Bayrueth, Germany 
Claim 2: Thriller released in December 1982 
Claim 3: Live broadcast from Wembley Stadium 30th July
1992: Jam!
Claim 4: Michael Jackson’s 21st August show at Wembley
Claim 5: Bucharest was Michael’s only former Iron Curtain
Claim 6: Thirty-nine shows on the first leg of the Dangerous
Claim 7: Dangerous Tour concert 25th August 1993,
Claim 8: The Dangerous Tour’s final show: 12th November
Claim 9: Michael at The Coliseum in Rome, Italy
Claim 10: Victory Tour Kemper Arena, Kansas City 
Claim 11: Michael Jackson’s 34th Birthday at Regensburg,
Claim 12: Michael Jackson at The Devonshire Hotel for a
Claim 13: What dates did Michael Jackson perform in Israel
during the Dangerous Tour?
Claim 14: Dieter Wiesner and 120 shows around the world
Claim 15: Paris Interview 13th September 1997 
Claim 16: 16th December 1998 at the Bahamas Atlantis
Claim 17: Mexico concert cancellation 
Claim 18: Dangerous Tour cancelled shows!
Claim 19: Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour in Peru and
nineteen different countries 
Claim 20: Wikipedia –Dangerous Tour – Seventy
Claim 21: HIStory World Tour launch date! 
Claim 22: The HIStory Tour: Dates and Countries!
Claim 23: HIStory Tour: Budapest 
Claim 24: Michael Jackson’s ‘Live’ concert from the Olympic
Stadium, Munich
Claim 25: Michael Jackson’s first show in Africa? 
Claim 26: October 23: Michael performs in concert,
incorporating the rescheduled show from October 21
Claim 27: Michael cancelled five concerts due to ill health 
Claim 28: Wikipedia – HIStory Tour Stats!
Claim 29: Wikipedia –Ljubljana, Slovenia
Section 2: Individual Shows and Performances 
Claim 30: The Super Bowl and the drums played with hands
not sticks!
Claim 31: Michael Jackson and Chris 
Claim 32: Greg Phillinganes left the Dangerous Tour after
Istanbul in September 1993
Claim 33: Greg Phillinganes in Dublin during the
Dangerous Tour
Claim 34: Michael catapulted 20ft through the air
Claim 35: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough and Who Is It,
18th August 1992
Claim 36: Michael performed four songs from Dangerous 
Claim 37: The Dangerous Tour three-minute entrance 
Claim 38: Michael Jackson lip-synced the entire Dangerous
Claim 39: Lip-synching on the HIStory Tour
Claim 40: Carmina Burana in Ludwigshafen, Germany
Claim 41: Bucharest: more than a quarter of the capitals
police force provided security
Claim 42: Did Michael Jackson perform twice when he was
unhappy with his performance? 
Claim 43: Did Michael Jackson sing an entire first verse flat?
Claim 44: Michael couldn’t be seen during Thriller at the
Tokyo Dome?
Claim 45: Dangerous Tour: six whole songs that he had
dropped spontaneously… in Bangkok 
Claim 46: Michael Jackson stood in a frozen pose for five
Claim 47: Tokyo Dome: 55,000 empty seats? 
Claim 48: Crowds of 120,000, sometimes 180,000 people! 
Claim 49: Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration 
Claim 50 Royal Concert Brunei 
Claim 51: Dangerous Tour rehearsals at Neverland Ranch
Claim 52: Wikipedia – The Jackson 5 Medley in Mexico
Claim 53: Wikipedia – Dangerous Tour Damon Navandi –
Claim 54: Wikipedia – The Dangerous Tour Band and
Claim 55: Wikipedia – Bucharest
Claim 56: Bad Tour lean in Kansas City on February 23,
Claim 57: Bucharest Moonwalk! 
Claim 58: Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson perform in
Sydney, Australia
Section 3: Stats!
Claim 59: Michael Jackson and Classical Music 
Claim 60: HIStory Tour rakes in $90 million
Claim 61: Blood On The Dance Floor UK number one? 
Claim 62: Michael Jackson’s Thriller album sales 
Section 4 Trivia 
Claim 63: Did Michael Jackson invent the moonwalk? 
Claim 64: Did Michael Jackson get nominated for Nobel
Peace Prize?
Claim 65: Did Michael Jackson take drugs?
Claim 66: 2006 Guinness World Record Certificate 
Claim 67: Michael donates £100,000 in Holland
Claim 68: The “$300,000” cheque to Prince Charles 
Claim 69: Michael went flying and broke his heel in Moscow 
Claim 70: The Official Grammy Award Museum,
Los Angeles
Claim 71: Motown’s 25th
Claim 72: Michael Jackson strapped on a jet-pack and
flew out of the stadium
Claim 73: Michael Jackson and Bobby Driscoll’s prosthetic
nose in 2002
Claim 74: Moscow: Mop-wielding little old ladies! 
Claim 75: The Dangerous Tour stage canopy 
Claim 76: Did Michael Jackson incorporate famous
artworks into his shows? 
Claim 77: Was the HIStory teaser based on Leni
Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will? 
Claim 78: Michael Jackson and Oprah Interview 
Claim 79: Remember The Time… Michael faked an injury?
Claim 80: Michael Jackson raised his voice at his guitarist
because of Slash? 
Claim 81: Did Michael Jackson create a perfume?
Claim 82: Michael would never visit Harrods
Claim 83: Captain EO, with its $30 million budget
Claim 84: Michael visits Euro Disney in France in the
company of his cousin, Brett Barnes
Claim 85: In the Closet and Princess Stephanie of Monaco 
Claim 86: Is Michael Jackson actually still alive?
Section 5 Fashion Exposés!
Claim 87: Michael only ever wore Florsheim shoes 
Claim 88: Did Michael Jackson always perform in short
trousers and white socks? 
Claim 89: Dangerous Tour Silver Jacket
Claim 90: Sequined socks and yellow tunic top in Bangkok 
Claim 91: Debunking the Michael Jackson and Gianni
Versace story once and for all!
Claim 92: Photo backstage with Gianni Versace
BONUS – Claim 93: September 8: Michael arrives in Budapest
to a welcome which outdid even the Pope’s welcome
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