Model Writing Postcards by Carl Larsson at the Thielska Gallery Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me Anthony King. Today I’ll be taking you to see Model Writing Postcards by Carl Larsson as well as other works at the Thielska Gallery (also known as The Thiel Gallery) in Stockholm, Sweden. I had a beautiful afternoon at the gallery and in it’s surrounding parks.

In a moment we will turn to some incredible works by Carl Larsson including Model Writing Postcards but I quickly want to tell you about some of the other art you are seeing in todays video. A few days ago I took you on a tour of Edvard Munch’s 1927 painting The girls on the Bridge and his house in Asgardstrand and the area where he painted so many of his paintings, including his girls on a bridge series. Munch produced twelve versions of this artwork between 1886 and 1927. These pieces portray a jetty in Åsgårdstrand on the Oslofjord, where the artist spent multiple summers. Each artwork captures a distinct emotion, with variations in colour and composition.

During our time together I’ve already shown you several of the series but today we’ll see the Thielska Gallery’s version, along with other Munch works. A notable piece in today’s collection is “Model Writing Postcards” by Carl Larsson, painted in 1906 in the modern Art Nouveau style. This remarkable work is executed with ink, pastel, and watercolour on paper. Carl Olof Larsson, the Swedish painter, was born on 28th May 1853, and he passed away on 22nd January 1919. He gained recognition as a representative of the Arts and Crafts movement. Larsson’s extensive body of work encompasses oils, watercolours, and frescoes, with a focus on depicting idyllic family life. Among his notable creations is “Midwinter Sacrifice,” a large painting currently exhibited at the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts.

Originally the private residence and art gallery of banker and collector Ernest Thiel, the museum showcases art acquired from contemporary Scandinavian artists. Constructed between 1904 and 1907, the house reflects the Art Nouveau style. Due to financial setbacks, Thiel had to sell the villa, collection, and fixtures. The gallery became state-owned in 1924 and opened to the public in 1926. A visit to this museum in Stockholm is highly recommended.

(c) Anthony King