Roman Hercules Bust at the British Museum, London

In this episode, we’ll be visiting the Roman ‘Hercules’ Bust at the British Museum, London. Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me, Anthony King.

We are looking at a Roman ‘Hercules’ Bust from the 2nd Century AD which is made of marble and is in the corner of the enlightenment room at the British Museum. The actually bust represents the Greek hero Herakles who was the Roman hero Hercules.

This statue is a copy of a bronze original by the renown Greek sculptor Lysippos who was from the 4th century BC. Lysippos is considered one of best sculptors of all time, in fact he’s known as being one of the top three of classical Greek sculptor – although it’s a challenge to identify his work amongst copies which do survive.

This statue was found at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and is about 75cm tall. Hercules, son of Jupiter and the God of strength is certainly represented in a powerful fitting way here. It’s striking!

By Anthony King (c)