Statue of Kumica Barica, Zagreb, Croatia

I travelled to see the Statue of Kumica Barica, Zagreb, Croatia. Come join me there too. Welcome to Art, Culture & Travel with me, Anthony King.

The statue of Kumica Barica, created by Stjepan Gračan, is a tribute to the hardworking farm women of Zagreb’s Dolac market, including a real woman named Barica. Unveiled in March 2006, this bronze statue has become a favourite spot for tourist photos over the past decade. Positioned atop the left stairway at Dolac market, it symbolizes the generations of peasant women who have sold produce there. Dolac market, located directly above Josipa Jelačića square, is famous for its great fruit, which I have tasted and can confirm. While sightings of women carrying baskets atop their heads are rare nowadays, the market remains a picturesque and bustling hub of Zagreb before midday.

By Anthony King (c)