The Ceremonial Throne of Tutankhamun

In this episode, we’ll be visiting the Ceremonial Throne of Tutankhamun. Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me, Anthony King.

I previously took you to on a tour of the Gilded Wooden Golden Throne of Tutankhamun from the Egyptian 18th Dynasty (1336-1327 BC) which was one of the many treasures found in the Pharaoh’s burial chamber. That’s made of wood with golden gilding, silver, glass, and precious gemstones. You will notice that it’s a very different style and aesthetic to this ceremonial one. They’re displayed very close to each other at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The Ceremonial Throne of Tutankhamun is, of course from the same Egyptian 18th Dynasty. Interestingly, six chairs were buried with Tutankhamun in his burial chamber and surrounding area.

This chair is sometimes referred to as ‘Tutankhamun’s Ecclesiastical throne’ due to a perceived link with the middle ages bishop’s around Europe. There also seems to be some confusion online. The previous throne is the Golden throne and this one, the much simpler one is the ceremonial one. It may have been used with a cushion whilst the young Pharaoh hunted … but we’ll never know for sure.

By Anthony King (c)