The Secret Norwegian Volume Two

The Secret Norwegian Volume Two

By Anthony King

​Paperback & Kindle
359 Pages
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32cm)
ISBN: 9781916088764
BISAC: Nonfiction/Travel/Psychology

About the book

Norway – what is behind the facade of conformity? In this second volume, Anthony King travels deeper into Norway to uncover the truth behind the lauded ‘Nordic lifestyle’ by persuading 350 Norwegians to tell him about their lives. Almost without exception, they described how great it was to live in Norway. He listened politely…  and then he asked them to tell him the truth. In fifteen months Anthony King amassed over 500,000 words of transcripts and hundreds of hours of recordings with the Prime Minister, doctors, teachers, students, scientists, hotel workers and people from all walks of life, of all ages. From Oslo, Tromso, Svalbard and a total of fifteen cities across Norway and from over fifty smaller locations including Sogndalstrand, Averoy, Romsdalen and more including to Sweden and Denmark.Read these conversations and see for yourself what life is really like in Norway, told by Norwegians in their own words. What they said WILL shock you.

Table of Contents

A Conversation with a Norwegian Teenager
A Conversation with a Norwegian Trainee Firefighter 
A Conversation with a Surgeon at a Top Hospital in Norway 
This is Norway – It’s complicated 
A Conversation with a Sami Woman in a Lavvu 
The Official Policy of Sami Norwegianisation 
A Conversation with a Museum Worker
This is Norway – Former Justice Minister in Denial? 
A Conversation with a Norwegian Geophysicist 
A Conversation with a Norwegian Publisher
A Conversation with Two Well-travelled Norwegians 
This is Norway – We, the anxious 
A Conversation with Two Workers at a Royal Property in Norway 
This is Norway – Which do you like better Oslo or Stockholm? 
A Group Conversation with Four Norwegian Teenagers 
This is Norway – Obviously I was scared 
A Conversation with a Biochemist 
Afterword The Final Word from a Sami Family 
Source Notes 
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