Witches Going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero

In this episode, we’ll be visiting Witches going to their Sabbath by Luis Ricardo Falero which I saw in Munich. Welcome to Art, Culture & Books with me, Anthony King.

Luis Ricardo Falero was born May 23, 1851 and died December 7, 1896 in Spain. His focus in art was primarily on female nudes and depictions of mythological, orientalist, and fantasy scenes. The predominant medium for his work was oil on canvas. His nude work is some of the most impressive, realistic yet quite strange art you will even see.

It’s worth noting that in England, Falero occasionally referred to himself as the Duke of Labranzano, which was completely made up and didn’t exist at all.

Witches going to their Sabbath also known as The Vision of Faust was painted in 1878 and is currently in a private collection in Italy. I saw this great painting which was lit so well at the Du Bist Faust (translated as You Are Faust), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe exhibition at the Kunsthalle, Munich, Germany. I visited this a couple of years ago and it was, without a doubt one of the best art exhibitions.

By Anthony King (c)