Sava Spa Art by Otto Antonini

I travelled to see The Sava Spa artwork by Otto Antonini at the Zagreb City Museum in Croatia. We’ll also be looking at some of his other 1920s and 30s incredible work. Come join me there too. Welcome to Art, Culture & Travel with me, Anthony King.

The Sava Spa by Otto Antonini was created in 1926. This poster is actually a template for the front page of the weekly “Svijet”, no. 6 of 7 published August 1926, celebrating the opening of the city swimming pools. This was a printed special bathing issue dedicated to bathing life. The Zagreb pools at the time could apparently accommodate 5,000 members of the public. Otto Antonini was born in Zagreb in 1892. He was trained as a fresco painter as a scholarship holder of the Society of Arts but later dedicated himself to the then very new printed media – illustrated magazines.

By Anthony King (c)