Stone Gate Shrine in Zagreb, Croatia

I travelled to see the Stone Gate Shrine in Zagreb, Croatia. Come join me there too. Welcome to Art, Culture & Travel with me, Anthony King.

You’ll see people praying and contemplating if you visit the The Stone Gate which is supposed to have existed since 1266 but was first officially recorded in 1492. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it was damaged by fires in 1645, 1674, 1706, and 1731. The city, mainly built of wood, experienced frequent fires. During the 1731 fire, the Stone Gate was severely damaged, but a painting of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus remained intact. Widow Modlar, the painting’s owner, built a chapel inside the Stone Gate for it. Today, “The Virgin and Child” is still there, protected by a Baroque fence from 1778.

By Anthony King (c)